Finding Your Internet Marketing Direction

You can promote just about anything online. Whatever you promote, however, won’t make you the most money on your first campaign. That is the normal inevitable cycle of any kind of business, and that includes the online business.

This is why choosing your internet marketing direction well, is a key to your success.

The industry you choose is not necessarily a key to your success in itself. There are profits to be made within any industry, and it comes down to the research you put within your industry/market/niche. Learn your industry, become an expert at it, and deliver the appropriate information to the right people, and you are bound to make money.

Once you’ve found your industry/niche, your next step is to choose your marketing direction.

If you are starting in network marketing, or if you are still not sure about what you should go with, you have to know that there are two main directions you can take in online advertising, unlike any other kind of advertising, and that is PAID advertising techniques, and FREE advertising techniques.

Free advertising techniques have the same advantages as the paid ones in the sense that even though they are free, they will promote you and your product, and it won’t make any difference for the interested prospect. Blogs, articles, websites, and free ads are all forms of free advertising.

If you are starting off with a limited budget, I would recommend you to start off with free advertising. If handled well it can be as rewarding as the paid techniques, and allow you to make mistakes while learning from them along the way.

If you have a budget, and are thinking about using PPC (Pay Per Click) technique, you will save a lot of money by studying PPC well, before you invest in this area of advertising. If you don’t, you will end up spending money without getting many good results. Always remember, internet marketing is ALL about knowing what you are doing. Knowing what you are doing will save you a lot of time and money.

If you want to learn more about the resources available to you, they are here for the taking. Enjoy your study, and make your internet marketing direction the right one for you.

Dentist Marketing Direct Mail Tips!

If you would like your next dentist marketing direct mail campaign to be a huge success, then read this short article.

Here’s a story to explain:

When I picked-up the phone, I knew I was going to get an earful.

The man on the phone kept screaming…

“How did you get my name?”

“How did you get my name?”

And the caller was about as friendly as John Gotti with a grudge.

My hunch told me this guy’s had something to do with the direct mail campaigned I had just launched.

And boy was I right.

In fact, the caller told me to “take him off my mailing list”.

And never bug him again!

No problem I told the angry caller, and I erased his name from my Excel list.

And for a split-second I vowed I was never going to run a controversial direct mail campaign again.

That is, until my phone rang like a possessed demon…

…with dozens-of-callers who wanted to schedule an appointment.

Don’t miss the lesson here, and that is this:

Whenever you launch a direct mail campaign, you will get angry callers who are mad you sent them something.

Some might even mail your piece back to you, with a nasty note attached.

But guess what?

Those are the minority.

The majority (assuming your piece is good) will enjoy your mail, and will schedule an appointment.

Indeed, you have to toughen your skin and let the moaners-and-groaners say their peace.

But that’s not all.

In fact, here’s a direct mail “checklist” that will help you make your next dental marketing campaign a huge success:

1. Do you have an offer?

2. Did you include a deadline?

3. Do you give your readers a reason why you are making such a great offer?

4. Did you include your headshot?

5. Is the copy written in a “one on one” tone, like you are having dinner with a good friend?

6. Are you studying other successful direct mail pieces, to see how you can improve yours?

7. Do you have a list of qualified prospects?

You have to think of it this way:

Direct mail can be a huge (and cost effective) strategy that can help keep your appointment slots full.

And if you can get over your fear of offending “a few”, in favor of serving the majority, then you will be well on your way to making direct mail work.

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